Your roof is designed to protect your church from the elements.

When you have a durable roof that is functioning as it should then you are protecting your property and everything in it. However, if your roof is older or showing signs of wear then your roof might not be keeping your church safe. The last thing that you want is for your church to experience further damage because your roof was faulty.

If you suspect that your church’s roof might be in need of repair or replacement then contact our roofing contractor today! We will get a roofing contractor out to your church as soon as possible to survey your roof and come up with a game plan.

Don’t risk damaging your church by ignoring the early warn signs of a failing roof, call R&B today!


R&B has special programs available for churches in Louisville and Kentuckiana area. When you partner with our roofing contractor you can take advantage of these programs which are designed to help churches replace their roofs through insurance or general maintenance replacement!